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Open Cloud Phone Platform
Cloud Phone Multitasking
Multi-Screen Control
App Multitasking
Open API
Open Cloud Phone Platform equipt with ARM virtualization technology which virtualize hundres of real phone environment for
your applications. It supports cloud phone multitasking, one-click batch control, multi-screen control, app multitasking and etc.
Cloud Phone Multitasking
A single server virtualize hundreds of cloud phones which
help you save money of expensive physical mobile phones,
greatly reduces the hardware costs and operating costs.
Multi-Screen Control
Simultaneous control on the same screen or multiple
-screen is available. It supports multiple accounts login
and collaboration, further improving the efficiency.
Batch control, Easy management
The cloud phones can be restarted, edited, reset
and execute other operations, and supports one-click
batch refit and app batch installation, allowing users to
control each phone more flexibly and conveniently.
BMC Remote Management System
With BMC Remote Management System, it achieves real-time monitoring, software configuration,
hardware management, troubleshooting and system upgrade. The system supports customized development.
Various Operating Systems
Each computing node module supports the installation of operating systems such as
Android, Ubuntu, Linux, and can run independently and stably.
Support various servers for different applications
Support 1~72 CPUs in one server, each CPU can virtualize 1~10 cloud phones
Which means for single server can reach more than 720 cloud phones for your applications
Wide Range Applications